Friday, June 24, 2005

Day Two: Lost & Exhausted

I made it through the week. Not an accomplishment, but a benchmark.

In an all-consuming embrace yourself action, the world moved. (again) I fear this won't be the last time it moves. However, it's safe to say, I moved with it this time and I don't feel left behind. Or somehow distanced from the "who i was" to the "who i am." In any event, time will tell. Time will tell all. So caws the raven.

Dashing down the road, without stoplights, is definitely one of my favorite pasttimes. I'm not sure if it's the power, the control, or the liberation, but I have to say it is so "choice." (Ferris Bueheller)
A part of it resounds from the passionate relationship I have with my vehicular machine. You see, simply said, I love my car. My little baby boy (he's a stick folks). I was looking to adopt a new machine in May 2004. So I started looking for the car I wanted, a new Scion xA, Indigo Ink Pearl. For all you non-Toyota/Scion afficianados that means Blue. So I was getting ripped by the dealer in the South Bay who was holding my 1k deposit. On the way to pickup my friend's computer, we decided to stop at the Longo dealership. Now we were under the impression they only had those awful maroon ones and white ones. Neither color was acceptable to me. But I thought I might go to test drive the manual transmission since I was going to buy one and I had only test driven the automatic.

So we walked onto the lot. And I spied from the very corner of my eye to the left a whole lotta xAs...! Not just that, but BLUE ONES!! I approached suspiciously, because they wouldn't be manual, or base model ( i only wanted an alarm system and the blue interior lights). But it was exactly what I wanted and I firmly grasped my arms around the car. I knew I wanted to adopt him, but how? My deposit was sitting in the SouthBay and my trade-in was a forty minute drive away.

Obviously, I was exactly what any good dealer salesman was looking for. And he saw me. He said, "You take home!" and I shook my head sadly, but truthfully. "No, I don't have any money here. It's at the dealership in SouthBay." He shook his head. "You drive home today."

And I did. I later gave them my downpayment and loan money and trade-in. All was good. And I brought home a 2005 Scion xA, Indigo Ink Pearl. He's one year old this month -- he was manufactured in Japan on June 04, 2004. And he's the most adorable vehicle you've ever seen. (Except, perhaps, the Pontiac Solstice or the Ford Thunderbird Convertibles.) Shhh.. don't tell Scion about that.. strictly on the DL.

Anyway, my sister flies in tonight.. No silly on a plane. So any or all readers, please have a great weekend. See ya next week!

1:01 AM Saturday, June 25, 2005

And yet the world moves once again. I must keep up with it. Secrets held in dark places have seen sunlight and started to die. Their power melting, melting, melting. And somehow I stand there, a fool, as always. Nodding in shock and awe. Maybe THAT's what this week should be called. shock and awe week 2005.

Why do guys lie? If I could just get to the bottom of it, I would like to know. Why? Maybe I could understand and appreciate the reasoning behind it; perhaps I'll disapprove, but what can it hurt. Let a lady understand! Please!


Blogger kidokay said...

guys lie for roughly the same reasons that girls lie, and children lie, and yes, old folks lie (though part of me wants to believe that old folks lie less frequently than younger ones).

hell of a blog you got here, soul sister. i'll be readin. see ya in a little while (i'm pecking this out from the public library). late.

6/25/2005 11:10 AM  
Blogger JadedTLC said...

I think I've come to terms with it. Thanks Kid! Sometimes I need to put things into emotional perspective. And sometimes you just gotta let your mind go, and your body will follow. (LA STORY)

6/28/2005 12:12 AM  

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