Monday, June 27, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution

Have you ever gotten to the point where you just desire to exercise. Exercise the demons away. Exercise the desires away. Exercise, dare i say, the fat away?

Well dance dance revolution is one way to accomplish that. (Use with caution under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc.) Daresay, I'm avoiding the gym. At least for a few more hours. I feel like really working things out. My mind, body, and spirit.

Times have changed. Go with the ~flow~ . . . I wish I had a copy of L.A. Story. I kinda love that movie.. maybe I'll get it from Hollywood Video tonight. Ahh, there's an idea.

When you can't think of anything colorful to say, find something colorful to read, or view.

Here's a quote from L.A. Story -- one of the stereotypes that's true. Actually, I'm a Chicagoan living here, and even I have succumbed.

The party ordering:
Guy with neck-support: "I'll have a decaf coffee"
Trudi: "I'll have a decaf espresso"
Movie critic: "I'll have a double decaf cappuccino"
Policeman: "Give me decaffeinated coffee ice cream"
Harris: "I'll have a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon"
Trudi: "I'll have a twist of lemon"
Guy with neck-support: "I'll have a twist of lemon"
Movie critic: "I'll have a twist of lemon"
Cynthia: "I'll have a twist of lemon"

That just makes me laugh. *sigh* I can't really think of anything too important to say at the moment (i almost typed atm). Other than, sleep well, eat well, but enjoy life while you do.

SAME DAY, 11:45 pm

Ok, now that I've exercised all demons, walked about four miles round-trip, and watched L.A. Story, I believe I can be more thought-provoking. "Let your mind go, and your body will follow."

Do not doubt that.

Los Angeles is uniquely happy, so happy in fact, that more people in L.A. are in therapy than in most other states, metropolitan included. What does that say about our culture? That we're all so insanely happy being unhappy? That the only way to meet anyone new is to crash into them? This is the second movie in the past two months with that "theme" -- that Los Angelians don't touch. That's why the crash into each other.

I think I understand though. It's like we're all just struggling to find happiness, as if someone whispered in our ears, smile on stage, wave your hand, and happiness will follow. And like stupid sheep, we all listen. However, has anyone noticed that doing so hasn't made them any happier?

We hate traffic, and yet most of us drive in it. It's unheard of to even look for a job near our homes. We use the excuse that there aren't any jobs nearby. But I don't know if that's always true... We also like to drive our own cars; yet we hate traffic. Everyone driving in their own cars, abandonning public transportation, equals traffic. Think about it. If even 1/6 of the population took a bus or a train to work. On the dark side, more SUVs would just get on the road, with their extra 8-20" lengths taking up what little space was gained. Ahh, it's a lost cause. Enjoy your traffic jam with some whole-grain toast tomorrow morning.

But yeah, happiness and traffic. Just walking four miles blasting my mp3 player made me think about things; maybe that's what we're all running away from. Our naked thoughts haunting us, forcing us to be real, for just once in our lives. Dare I think so boldly!

We're all in therapy hoping to be real, when all we really needed to do was get out of our Ford Explorers and walk around a bit. Notice the sun setting behind the mountains from Lincoln Blvd. Watch the traffic lights, blink from red to green to yellow, cyclically, all day and all night. Peer into a window of a closed shop, its items neatly put away and organized, looking forward to a new day when a customer might purchase something.

ahhh.... Take a deep breath, and let your mind go; your body will follow. Trust me.


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