Saturday, August 13, 2005

09/11/ 2001 - Is My Generation's Pearl Harbor

I've read all the conspiracy theories, and I've heard the mainstream media's take on the events. I've even watched Farenheit 911. And I have to think that there are a lot of questions out there that haven't been answered. I pray that maybe the History Channel will investigate using forensics on the information the government finally releases in fifty years and George W. Bush is finally dead, thankee. I won't be (or so I predict). And in my retirement facility, living off of the small 401k and a destroyed Social Security check (if W gets his way), hell maybe I won't even be able to afford a retirement home, anyway, I'll be watching that special. I'll Tivo the hell out of it and think "I told ya so," in a melancholic way that holds not one lick of satisfaction.

For me, I remember where I was that evil morning. My best friend's birthday, and my mother's ringing my cell off the hook at an especially early hour. Damn, I don't wake up that early for work; Mom, it's the west coast over here. That didn't stop terrorists from crashing into the towers. Like everyone says, it was a well orchestrated movie. It's almost like W and his crew put together a focus group, and said 'now here's $10. what did you think and how can we make this scarier, sadder even?' But this wasn't a live-action film. This was our very own reality show; entertainment with real live people, not actors -- both heroes and villains.

I do believe there were some stupid kids high on rhetoric on those planes. (However, I'm not so sure it was a plane that killed the Pentagon.) They didn't even realize the scale of political agenda they were on. This was way over their heads, and as pawns, they acted faithfully, calling out to a false god who demands sacrifice of self and "infidels." They were as high on rhetoric as the Hitler Youth were in the '40s -- a generation way before my time, but I can read history and check my notes. It's easier to tell a 24-year-old who believes in immortality that he's gonna die and get a bunch of angelic sex when he dies; notice none of these guys were forty-fivers raising hands in salute.

But the studies are in. There's no way jet fuel or anything short of the controlled demolition we saw could cause those reinforced towers to slip into dust, not even massive piles of debris, DUST I tell you.

And our idiot president (no capital "P" if you barely speak English and God help you when you're defending your Christian hypocrisy before Him) sat reading "My Pet Goat" to a classroom of children while the country he stole power over was going to shit, excuse my language. (Sarcastic aside, maybe My Pet Goat is his favorite all-time novel. I'm an English major, that's how I think.)

They all knew it was coming. I don't think they planned it, until they caught wind of that "static" and of course translated everything. (Of course they want us to believe the CIA and the FBI were a bunch of bumbling fools, but I think not.) Then they planned alright. Planned on how to get Daddy's bully and demolish him, while acquring money for W's best contractor friends, and oh, by the way, "Oil Is On Sale, now for a limited time" or so W thought. Daddy obviously proved to be more competent in war, but come on -- you barely speak English, you make up words, use phrases that sounded pretty before you knew what the words meant, and act like a total incompetent ass. And did I mention the extreme resemblance to Bubbles, MJ's fondling pet?

I write this not because I'm unpatriotic. I write this because I am Patriotic. And it's time our brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, and my friends get to come home. They hate their boss more than any one of us civilians do; the rest are Hitler Youth - "hail Hitler" they chant, ignorantly. Of course, they're the kids that barely passed history class, if they even took it. History repeats itself darlings.

I love America so much I needed to write this. So that any legislative, judicial or executive body could possibly read this. Please, stop the political bullshit and start the recovery of your country. We voted you in for a reason. We thought you would help us, not hurt us. All you guys seem to be doing is sitting on your asses, making huge sums of our money, and not feeling guilty. How can you sleep at night without your integrity? Knowing how harshly you will be judged. I pray every night for forgiveness; I hope you do. You guys have all this power to make a difference; why don't you start making a positive one?

I would if I had even 1/10 of your funds and 1% of your power. I'm trying to even without that. I implore you again; help us, don't hurt us. We love our country; I love America.

And for my audience that has less prestige than I do. Pray for our country, and our leaders -- that they wake up and smell the sunshine. And start reading all the interesting questions that have come up. Don't be duped -- know all the sides before you decide.


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