Tuesday, August 09, 2005

In Memory Of Joe Maldonado

I woke up this past Monday morning and it wasn't unlike any other Southern Californian morning. Perfect marine layer to be burned off by afternoon, traffic the same as always. And I arrived at work, and just another day at the office.

But life is short, and this average morning turned dark. A great man -- kind, handsome, with a beautiful smile, died over the weekend in a car accident, all the more tragic because he was so young and had so much going for him. All the details are 'instant messaged' rumors flying around by those of us who care.

I can't say I knew you Joe Maldonado as well as I now wish I had. However, you always brightened my day with that beautiful smile. And I can say in tremendous consolation, I am glad you touched my life at Intermix Media. And you did, whether you knew it or not.

I will remember you as a part of my personal resume, of the parties, the after work drinks, and the everyday muddle through papers for work. I know Accounting always had issues with accuracy, and I had to harass you for your paperwork, but I'll never forget the respect you treated me with.

And yes I shed a tear for you and pray that you found Heaven. And if you did, I am happier for it. May God bless your family and be with them in this hard time of letting go. And may comfort embrace them.

I say a prayer tonight.



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