Wednesday, June 29, 2005

97 Miles Away

So I was watching Average Joe. (Sorry, not a lot of good TV left out there; closed for summer and all). And I really hadn't intended to watch. I actually flipped on my machine, watched the lights flicker into existence, and David Daskall's saying something.

For those of you that don't know it already, I used to work for a major entertainment Internet company (aka E-Universe or InterMix Media). David Daskall also worked there. As a "character" (?) "performer" (?) on the show last year, I had watched. And had gotten a little hooked.

So this summer, that wasn't really on my list of top ten shows to wach on a Tuesday night. However, I stayed on the channel. Some sort of ex-company loyalty, perhaps. And I noticed that one of the "joes" was anything, BUT average. I knew hot-ass flighty Anna wasn't his type come ON! He's smart and witty. She's a "romantic" -- how does sarcastic survive in a romantic room? It doesn't, I tell you. It suffocates. (oh yes i would know)

His name is Matt *hands off sisters; i found him first*. He's a web developer (what I aspire to be). He's in a band?! Yeah. Apparently, everyone can be found on myspace. And of course I know myspace (it's a subsidiary of eUniverse/Intermix). So I hooked up an email via their service. We'll see if he responds. If nothing else, he can give me the latest dish on what's hot in Chicago, my hometown. Having been absent from Chi-town for the past 10 years (not including the 1 or 2 times I visit a year), I know I've missed out. Chicago is the BEST city in the world. It does not, however, have the BEST weather in the world. So I stay glued to Los Angeles.

Anyway, his music's pretty impressive. And that will be all the endorsement needed for Matt. YAY MATT!

Moving on, my last day commuting to Topanga. My job finally moved to Santa Monica. Tuesday morning will be my first day with a five minute commute again. I do look forward to it. Of course, the gods of PCH made it so I was early this morning (amazingly no traffic) and that I got home in 42 minutes. UNHEARD of clocked times. Thanks to the ever so kind gods of PCH. The view was wonderful. I loved it while it lasted.

Anyway, no real deep instrospective thoughts that have started to blossom forth. Just a progress report, if you will. And Soul Writer I thank you again. Keep writing; I miss reading.


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