Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fostering Cats: Compassion in Economic Recession

I got nostalgic tonight and was paging through old emails from the foster kitties I had in 2007. I was remembering the joy I had in new little kitten noses pressing in on you from morning 'til night. And the immense happiness I had to get them from shelter to sheltered. Protecting them deep into the night. Feeding them when they were sick. I reminisced about that compassion I felt, sometimes exasperation, when they wouldn't eat, but forcing them to live. To just get past that line to life.

I shed a few tears. Remembering those moments. How precious life is, but also how close death is. How we should strive to live every moment like that. Fighting for the very things we love.

A few of the kittens touched my heart so it's so wonderful to see snapshots of them all grown up and to know I was a part of that. The joy that the cat gives his or her new family.

I have my own bundle of kittenhood, but he's growing up fast. Caspian, darling, I love you too. He was the foster I couldn't let go.

I saw the posting on the Los Angeles Animal Services Website. His picture was posted there and he looked so scared, so frightened. So, we went there to the county shelter. L and I approached the cage, nestled between hundreds of kittens at the height of kitten season. All of them were small, 8-week-olds who had such a greater chance for rescue. This four month old kitten, abandoned by his previous owners as an "unwanted gift" (their words, not mine).

So we got him home and he was just the most loving kitten of all. Friendly, purring, and happy and more beautiful every day.

Please consider fostering a cat. The California Siamese Rescue needs foster parents. All you have to do is donate your heart for a month or two. The compassion is worth it in these economic times. Please help!

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