Friday, January 02, 2009

A Resolution Almost Lost

Day 2 for one resolution and I almost didn't make it. If I try to blog every day for a year, what will come of it? I think I'll even write if I have nothing to say.

Work was good...slow. Most people aren't working today and the dull excitement of what I could be doing overshadowed what I was doing. With that in mind, I made it over to BlueEyes for some home cooked French Onion Soup. It was delicious! Homemade items are another of my resolutions. I'm going to try to cook more meals, and when I say more, I also mean more than the five or so dishes that I've mastered. :)

It's a challenge and yet I have 363 days to experiment. Anyway, I'm sleepy. Have a good evening all.

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