Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jesus Camp - How The Devil Works

I watched the Jesus Camp series and my heart broke. Who would've thought that Christian brainwashing was going on in the Midwest. What happened to real family values? Real churches? Are meth'd out homosexual homophobes really leading our churches?

Becky Fischer is an agent of the Devil although my heart would hope she really is saved. But her mouth, and its vile poison, spews forth such hatred, that only a demon would dance at the words. Kids shouldn't be crying with religious emotion. Their brains are not yet formed to understand. These people confuse the Good Word with Satanic Knowledge.

Even Jesus said that Satan could battle the Bible word for word. (Matthew 4:1,3)

I often wonder at Christianity's fall from Jesus. Slowly, because things of the world begin to scare people, they run to extremism. Jesus always said "Fear Not" and yet there is fear. So parents resort to brainwashing their children, to falsely believing that they can educate and prepare their children for jobs in the real world..

Yes, evangelicals, there is a real world, and no Harry Potter doesn't run it. How can they take stories and twist them in their hatred. Witchcraft in the Bible is in no way Harry Potter, regardless of Rowling's beliefs. Every thing you do or read can be taken in different ways.

I love Jesus, and I went to Camp, but it wasn't this sick form of anger and twisted bitterness. And if it was. shame on those adults who made it so. I would love God without being taught about inherent evility.

I'm enraged tonight. I hope Becky Fischer is quashed. That God takes her tongue from her. Because this world doesn't need her and her intolerance. God said LOVE YOUR ENEMIES not hate. They preach hate, and they lie. Even the end of the film showed the kids assuming an African American family are Muslim. Based on ?? Well, they have their white trash families to blame that on. Who wants to live that way?

Not I. I can be a Christian and be loving. That's what I'm called to do. Regardless of those who preach against me. Their opinions matter not, due to the Meek Inheriting the Earth. Not some fat lady who has a screw or two loose.




Blogger JadedTLC said...

And yes I have re-read this and I was not too loving of Becky Fischer. So I will pray that God guides her.

I was heartily angered because it's hard witnessing in a world where Christianity is painted the wrong color.

10/11/2008 9:06 AM  

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