Wednesday, August 17, 2005

UnSurprising Angst

...continued "It must be hard knowing you married a stalker" part2

Fractured intent to commit the ultimate betrayal, I steadied my hand on the gun as I unholstered it. The time was ripe, the cliche echoed in my skull. Heartlessness crept within, blocking the soul from emotion. Unfeeling and numb my eyes now focused on the window. His chest spread at perfect angle in the dying sunlight. He lifted the window and pushed hard.

My hand aimed true. And a muffled recoil didn't need to echo as a spiderweb of crimson velvet shattered the man's muscular frame as he slumped forward, over the windowsill. I reholstered the gun, adjusted my sunglasses, and pulled my jacket closer, as streams of red spilled down the white siding.

My heart leapt back into my chest as I walked away, finished with yet another chapter in a harried life. A single tear dripped down my face and finally fell off of my chin. In the dying embers of day, I closed the door on my sleek black 3 series and reeled away slowly, rattling the groceries in the front seat.

I would await the remaining 15k and head into the lights and love of the city of sin as soon as possible. Sensual memories would drown in the endless glasses of jack and coke, as I'd let it ride over and over again. Drop 5k in an hour, play it safe. And hire some good entertainment. I'd order seven inches of delight and take my odds.



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