Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Using Your Senses

Sight is our favorite sense that we take for granted. Sure we have memory of cooking smells and perfumes.. and though they are memorable, we don't remember everything we smell. But in a way we always remember what we've seen.. maybe things we don't want to remember too.

I thought about the blind today. And I don't know how I'd write if I was blind. Sure you can speak and the software will type it, but that doesn't feel as precious and private as writing. Someone could hear you, but your writing, unless you choose to publicly blog or publish (as I obviously do) is yours. I still write in a diary.. and those thoughts are mine with only God's knowledge.

A blue sky with puffy clouds means less on paper to someone who's never lain open-eyed and lazily twirled a dandelion between fingertips - pressed lips against the bloom -- and painted shapes in the sky. A rabbit, santa claus, dancing twirling butterflies, and a dragon blowing smoke.

I am more thankful after these thoughts. And it makes me feel warmer inside and helps me ignore the monkey the conservatives worship, the 3.25 dollar gasoline in my car, the stress that is inevitable at work, the attempts to bind my relationships closer...

for a few seconds, minutes, days, I am 8 and a lady on a quest in the wood - magic and creatures abound, and i see with both the imagination and the beautiful reality, because escape is what makes us human.


Blogger grumblefish said...

it seems that the lightness of
these moments pass as time goes by, even though there's no rush to see them go. they are consumed by greedy time, and precious few alternatives are offered in return:
what stands in rarely serves as an
acceptable substitute. memory itself lifts the siege, by casting
imperfect though lovely recollections in our path.
as to the cats: please chuck each one under the chin on behalf
of an anonymous admirer...

5/01/2006 10:22 PM  

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