Friday, January 20, 2006

Ahhhh... Breathe Out

Thanks to the lovely Comcast cable man, overall clad, sparkling (chin?) jewelry and joyful morning smile -- I have my Internet back. It's sort of like that feeling "I want my MTV."

Now I get to wrestle with their customer service to get credited the week my connection went on vacation. Joyful, I am sooo not looking forward to this upcoming Pay Per View tussle.

Regarding the movie "Mitchell": I loved that show Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Netflixed one of the movies. I think it's mainly because I've seen enough bad movies that I reckon I can call myself a half movie critic and sometimes enjoy bantering through the better portion of the particularly poor workmanship pieces. "Mitchell" is one of those pieces. Literally, I think I've seen many films centered on Los Angeles, but none so heinous as this one. One of the characters commented that he's seen faster funeral processions than the chase scene between the buick and the 70'sish Ford Mustang. I would concede this as a valid truth.

In any event, my nostalgia has led me to also Netflix the TV series, "Bewitched." I am thoroughly re-enjoying this classic. I can't say it's timeless because the idea that a married woman stays home all day is a rather ridiculous notion in our day. Thankyouverymuch Georgie Pooh Bush. (Read sarcasm here.)

Other than that and finding a sort of mental block in my writing. I find myself yawning like no tomorrow. Good evening, good morning, good afternoon. "Good Day."


Blogger kidokay said...

Fuckin MITCHELL! You have no idea. My best friends---the good doctor, Andy and The Voice, Hardster---and I enjoyed this goddam episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 I don't know how many times, and laughed our asses off. "MITCHELL!" The part where the melaninny guy scales the fence and they start singing Johnny Mathis? PRICELESS.

Chances are...

Thank you for reminding me.

(postscript: I've just realized that it wasn't Andy and Chris and I, but Ryan Honey and I and others who actually watched this masterwork in college. Goddam beer.)

1/31/2006 7:40 AM  

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