Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home From The Holidays

The stark sky, laden with gifts, opened its fluffy arms and released light little drops of RAIN?!! Yes, it was already white, but on Christmas Eve, raindrops plopped down on the pavement. Now I really should be thanking my lucky stars that the weather turned "warm" for my visit to Chicago, but I'm a spoiled Southern California brat. :P And I just wanted a little snow.

Upon a happy landing via SouthWorst Airlines (TM), after being delayed both to Chicago and from, I arrive to a symphonic cacophony of impatient drivers at the Worst Airport Ever (TM) - LAX. I had a friend come pick me up and home I arrived, where my very first tree smelled deliciously of Pine Sol, minus the sol. The poinsettia was also still alive and vibrantly red, so no worries about killing the plants while out.

After opening my bags and pulling out my new pajamas -- mmm, cotton -- I opened my late Christmas cards. Those are the ones you sent to your friends and family and then they felt guilty for not sending you one -- yeah those ones. They were nice all the same and there is one card I need to send (late obviously, it's after Christmas), but since New Year's counts, it's ok. Or at least I have myself convinced it is.

So I went to bed, snuggling deep in my bedcovers, playing my GameBoy Advance, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. As addiction curls its desperate fist around me, I struggle a bit and turn it and the light off. Goodnight, Venice, goodnight. (Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!)


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