Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Google Name Game

I found this posting about putting Your_Name + Needs in quotes and then writing down the interesting things that show up in search results. Here's mine (i've omitted my real name), but it's the gist:

  • JadedTLC needs sex.
  • JadedTLC needs a home.
  • JadedTLC needs all dues ($15) as soon as possible.
  • JadedTLC needs to be held and loved openly.
  • JadedTLC needs to show that the city is going to take a proactive role in resolving the school problems.
  • JadedTLC needs more friends.
  • JadedTLC needs to blackmail a friend to get information about her blind date.
  • JadedTLC needs to be given proper credit.
  • JadedTLC needs to get to work.
  • JadedTLC needs the help of river pirates to free her brother.
Teeheeheee! I'd love to be held and loved openly, maybe that's why I'm looking for friends -- and not just friends, but friends who will get me information on a blind date. By the way, where are you blind date?


Blogger Jen said...


11/05/2005 2:41 PM  
Blogger grumblefish said...

See that? Unlike people, links have opinions but no noses. You have to be more selective,
for your own sake, in your phrasing. For
instance, do you mean "blind date", as in
randomly arranged companionship, or more
like a Jerzy Kosinski arrangement? Nuances
can be such a hassle!

11/08/2005 9:30 PM  

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