Sunday, October 09, 2005


Ok, Jen's right from her comment below. I didn't know I was a diehard fan of GreenDay, but I am now. My concert-going inexperience has shined through; and even with all the makeup the lead of GreenDay is much hotter.

Because this band knows what PERFORMANCE means. Anxiety, or not, there was entertainment. And they had a wizard hand puppet. And puppets are cool. Ok where was I? I really ought to start at the beginnning.

During the week of the Killers concert, I realized (from the same aforementioned crew) that GreenDay was performing. Now this was the SAME week my new favorite song went on repeat, "Wake Me When September Ends." So yeah I thought'd it be cool to go to a sold out performance of GreenDay.

This is where connections come into play. My friend works at an Advertising Firm. And his rep at a very musically inclined, oh alright, Rolling Stone, handed him FLOOR tickets. Wow. Yeah.
To a sold out show.

Then came surprise number 2. As if the excitement building inside wasn't enough, I find out one of my ABSOLUT favorite bands- jimmy eat world- is opening for GreenDay. This makes the night I kissed Maverick (and perhaps even more appealing, when Maverick kissed back) appear boring (which it was in no way shape or form - see entry marked "wow" in June 2005.)

So we have tickets, and I'm going. And I only had to sell my soul once or twice. Bahh. The crew plus his ex girlfriend myself and my ex all join at Bob's Big Boy. I'm driving so I can't participate in the pre-festivities :-( BUT it's ok, I'm ok with it. No really. I am.

Then I get into the show just as Jimmy Eat World is banging out a jam that's jazzin me. I was so hyped. We got the second section away from the stage but against the barrier so I had a GREAT view (usually impossible for people who are 5'4"). And the added help of being able to push back with my ass on a crowd tryin to blur the lines of PERSONAL SPACE.

So I'm dying as they begin with "Don't Wanna Be an American Idiot." And even with black eyeshadow/liner, (please don't be gay), the lead singer was definitely better looking. Now this was because he's funny. (See entry marked "I'm In It For His Sense of Humor") And of course his points cruised upwards.

Near death at Wake me When September ends... ahh... sweet joy. Ok, so if that's what good sex, er ahem, a good live performance is supposed to look like; I'm officially spoiled rotten. (shut up friends who know me in real life -- I am not.)

Anyway, the evening ended well, and of course Maverick was looking hot. Damn keep your shirt on if I'm not supposed to fantasize about you. ....

and a word to you from jimmy eat world (and they say that love goes anywhere, in your darkest hour, it's just enough to know it's there)

Yes I got in at 2 am played Sonic the Hedgehog and got up way early. So what? I'm jazzed and you're not!


Blogger Jen said...

That's great that you had a good time. Reminds me that I really need a good gig-fix soon! mmm Billie Joe Armstrong is totally hot. Looks so good wearing eyeliner. Way better than Flowers who is sooooo gay. And Billie Joe definitely not gay cos he's married. But he is a midget.

They had a PUPPET!!!! I can't believe they had a puppet. I want a puppet. They didn't have a puppet at the show I saw... *sniffle*

10/10/2005 6:02 AM  

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