Friday, October 07, 2005

The Killers

So it happened.

Four months ago tickets were purchased and the concert was but a blip on the Outlook calendar. Waiting, oh so patiently, almost forgetting when the exact date was (was that October or November?) summer steered by.

As golden and reddish-brown leaves gathered in cities where winter is a reality, fall announced its arrival and it was only a matter of time. The excitement grew as t minus 7 days was slowly ticking by. I played the CD, mostly on repeat, skipping track five (the only distasteful one, however, much cooler live). Jenny was a friend of mine, It was only a kiss, I've got soul but I'm not a soldier you can hear the lyrics now, only mine were imprinted on my eardrum, lyrics and all.

At t minus 2 days, it was hardly believable, but Long Beach was gonna go off the hook!

So the day arrives, I'm cruising, ok stop-n-goin' on the four oh five, down down down, to Long Beach where the poker,videogaming,dudeyallrock crew would be starting a small 'gathering' pre show. A coupla shots, ok, seven or eight shots later, we're crammed into a Passat, the seven of us. The sober designated driver told us to do it! I swear.

Of course, I had to take a ladies' room break when I got there, but after twenty minutes of waiting and the band's about to go on and i'm still fifteen people away from the bathroom door, I abandonned the side mission. I could wait. Now on a side note: HOW THE HELL DO THE GUYS GET TWO BATHROOMS AND THE CHIX ONLY GET ONE. Damn, we don't just have to pull out, and I have reason to believe there were secret orgies going on in there as NO ONE was coming out, but that's an entirely different blog.

Lights, cameras action. The show began with Track One from Hot Fuss and I was so stoked. Lost my voice, gained some tinnitus, and the night shed clothing as it wore on. Naked sound, drunken love, and a sexy lead singer -- that's how every concert should go.

As a reviewer, I vote thumbs up. Sounded JUST like the CD. And without studio FX that's usually difficult. This band is more than my teen-drama soundtrack, they're musical talent at best.

Now, I await Green Day on Saturday . . .


Blogger Jen said...

I also saw the Killers this year but have an altogether different opinion! Saw them in a huge festival setting and they just seemed to be too overwhelmed by it all. Not to mention the fact that Flowers was acting like an arrogant prick. And as for sexy... he wears purple eyeshadow and full foundation. And he owns a pink trenchcoat. My eyes hurt even thinking about it. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the album and still do and I have no problem with a little eyeliner on a guy and maybe some lip gloss, but they were definitely not the best act I've seen live. I reckon that they probably do better in smaller venues.

Green Day fucking rock live! I saw them the same weekend as the Killers and they were absolutely AMAZING. I'm not even a big fan but they put on such a great show and have so much energy. You're gonna have a fantastic night at that

Have you ever seen Franz Ferdinand? They're also superb live. I highly recommend them if you ever get the chance. Unfortunately you've missed Kings of Leon this year but they'll probably be touring again early next year and you should without question go see them!

10/08/2005 5:30 AM  

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