Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween at WeHo's Carnaval

Happy Halloween!

My coworker invited me along to the West Hollywood Carnaval 2005. And I am so glad I went. Stunning outfits: Darth Vader, Nemesis, Austin Powers, Edward Scissorhands -- and damn. Hot gay men with no shirts, and sometimes close to no pants. Hot asses hot chests mmmmm... hot everything. Please turn straight for me -- just give me five minutes. I promise I'll be good!

The Three Tinas was one of the hits, along with the Asian Bird Flu, Hurricanes Katrina Rita and Wilma, as well as the Katrina victims on the roof. Poor taste, perhaps, but no poorer than some of the other festivities. I was sooo jealous when I sniffed the scent of sweet vodka in a sippy cup. Where was mine dammit?! Although the putrid air caused my walking to swagger, just a tad -- rife with Mary Jane it was. But my tongue thirsted for the vodka. Sweet vodka, that taketh the past away and filleth the present with the smoldering excitement of the here-and-now, where I am what I wish to be, forever and always.

And yet I was sober. And happy but bitter, consistently bitter, as hands were held and lips were brushed against others. My natural inclination was to grab "kissing booth" by the face and plant one right then and there, but without my sweet friend vodka, should be pointless and disturbing. And so I just watched him slip by and into the crowd, as hot as he was.

The tit fairies were hot too (huge breasts, nipples covered by small flowers -- in tight jeans -- perhaps unorginal, but tonight they're not selling anything), and I'm not even into girls, but maybe I felt lonliness stifling my breath and I fell into another dimension, if only for a moment. Or it was the putrid air again - damn did I get hungry.

If I see another chick cop in a way too short vinyl outfit, it better not be halloween when I see one; that is all I will report on there.

Be orginal folks; be original.

And so I sign off in resolving to do the right thing. Wishing everyone a happy halloween and pleasant dreams. Mine will be haunted by the "what the hell just happeneds" and the "how'd I get this fucked overs" but c'est ma vie.


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