Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Puzzle Pieces

Sometime ago I was involved in alot of activities/relationships that seemed to work but didn't make me very happy. I mean, I was content; just not particularly overjoyed or whatever. I think I found the very image I was looking for to describe the experience.

Working with puzzles is a great way to relax my mind and work it out at the same time. And those puzzles with really complicated colors -- the kind where it seems that most of the colors are the exact same -- I really love those. Hours of completing one hundred pieces that are supposed to be 12 long-stemmed red roses.

Now picture this: a piece that looks like the one above and the one to the left. They look like they fit together right? But if you were to match them up (metaphorically tech geeks), they don't quite fit. But they look like they should. So you keep jamming the left one in the upper right one. Over and over and over again. Flipping the piece in a million ways.

Yes, I have spent hours trying to make those two pieces fit together. Only to realize that -- voila! This is the real piece that fits! The one in the center of this blog. That's the one. Now my hand is still twirling the one on the
upper left.

I now know it doesn't fit. But my mind insists that that logic doesn't make sense. Yet my eyes see this centered piece is fit completely in; no pushing, no shoving. Just gently applied pressure and swiftly the piece is in. I feel like something just happened. Something just clicked, and the right puzzle piece fell into place.


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Hey...I wanted to add you in MySpace but couldn't...

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