Monday, October 10, 2005


I stood at a crossroad some time ago now, and I had a decision to make. I didn't want to decide. I felt I needed more information, or whatever. One side said "same" one side said "new." I didn't like either. Same, because I was tired, bored, saturated with that path; new was foggy, dim, unpredictable. Yet time doesn't let you stand there while you make up your mind.

I was pushed forward off the paths; and ended up in a thatch of unKnown. I can't know whether it's better or worse than "new" because I've never been down that path. I can only hope I don't end up over at "same" again, because at least now I know it's trite.

Love is colored unpredictable. And sometimes it doesn't work out on my terms. And I can never control it even when I try. Yoda says "there is no try; do or do not." Well, that's love and sometimes there isn't even a do not option.

And there time is, racing me always, daring me. And regret is whispering in my ear, two steps behind mind you,-- if I turn my head, just so, he'll overtake me. Keep my eyes ahead, and ignore him -- i must remind myself.

Live up to your character and remember change was always in your hands. Boy do I love hard. Fall harder. And persist all the same. Kissing recklessly causes clarity, and it's a good thing, especially if it helps me outrun regret...

Astonishing who I've become in just a year. Change is in your hands my friends.
  • Friends have become foes.
  • Foes have become friends.
  • Risks have been taken.
  • I let go without holding on.
  • New Year's Resolutions ACCOMPLISHED (only cuz the gym was not one of them)
  • Suprises were had -- and a complete reversal
  • Death and Life to a Gunslinger
  • Expectation was exceeded


Blogger grumblefish said...

Your fairway game may be pretty good, but
if it's like a day at the driving range, then where's the thrill? You may discover that your genius lies in playing from the rough, or punching out of sand traps. It
could be that you put yourself in challenging situations, just because...

10/17/2005 6:22 PM  
Blogger JadedTLC said...

I think you read my thoughts . . .

10/24/2005 5:01 PM  

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