Sunday, October 23, 2005

Double Down in Palm Springs

There's always a defining moment for you, where all those still-scenes powerpoint through your brain (they used to be flashes of your life, but now they're slides with some soundtrack of eighties and nineties songs that makes you all gushy inside).

And in that defining moment, you can take a risk or you can fold, but in the folding choice your moment passes and regret smirks at you.

In the risk, you are disappointed if you lose. You'll cry for years and always carry that hurt with you. Half the reason you're so scared.

In the risk, if you win; you'll shriek in joy, you're high-fiving strangers you barely know. Kissing the cheek of a stranger without a name, greyed hair sparkling under garish lights. Tasting victory in her lovely flavored essence. Lady luck has smiled upon you today.

So you're eyeing that 7 of hearts and 4 of diamonds very carefully. You think you're calculating the rest of the table's hits and holds, but really there's no way of knowing what's under the dealer's hand, and no way of knowing what's next in the deck for you. So you can gulp down the half-full kamikaze, or the half-empty one. It's always your choice how you look at it. You'll be hammered before four pm either way.

Sun glinting off the cholorinated tinny hole, you raise yet another plastic red cup (another one? already?) to the blessed blazing sun; the night is young: Hell, it hasn't even been born yet!

JUMP! Close your eyes and JUMP! And then you did -- double down, that is.

By the way, I was up up and away. I never knew gambling could be so rewarding, Maverick. ;-)


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