Sunday, October 30, 2005

Better Left Unrequited. Um. Yes,

Ok, the last post had more symbolism than I think I've ever mixed into a post. Of course the room was swirling (literally, yet not) and that could be a direct result of the alcoholic beverages I consumed.

Unrequited Love
  • Is easier to write about
  • Is somehow more real
  • Is destiny
  • Doesn't ask for very much
  • Requires rejection
  • Jades the participant
  • Slices deep
  • Reaps a stillness
  • Sows bitterness
  • Bytes

"I'm sorry every day. I won't always love, these selfish things." -jimmy eat world

The battlefield lay quiet after a week of intense fighting. Both camps had set up to hold out. The heart's reinforcements, hormones, had since started to complain that they weren't being paid enough and so they retreated. The heart knew it couldn't stay holed up under siege much longer. They needed supplies -- hope, joy, pleasant surprise, anything at all. With troups disenhartened, it was only a matter of time before their final decimation. And like the Samurai, they were willing to die in honor. For that, I was grateful.

In the stillness, I could hear the echoes of soldiers dying for what they believed in. The head troups believed in serenity, peace, and pleasure in the solitudity of life. The heart full-on wanted the passion and the heat of obsession, and possibly love, if they could get a steady supply. (I liken the supply of love to the supply of OIL. Limited quantity, costly, and controlled by terrorists. Please let me know if you know where a cheaper supply can be found.)

I studied the strategy. All the players waited. Everything was immobile as if time had frozen, and yet it had not. Depression hadn't eased in anywhere either. There was some comfort in the cold landscape, strangely enough. As I wrapped my arms around me, I listened; I waited; I stopped fighting destiny, for the moment. And I just was. Unrequited, yet serene.


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