Monday, January 02, 2006


As I sit here, the day after the newest day of the year, I'm sniffling worse than Mr. Snufflupagas with a bad cocaine habit. I've personally contributed to several trees/cotton plants annihilation and should just go ahead and buy Kleenex (TM) stocks. And then my illness led to an addiction stint with Final Fantasy X.

So now I can write again.

Ahem. I find myself revelling in the thought of choosing New Year's Resolutions. I know most people cast aside these myths within a couple of weeks, but I've had a rather productive 2005. With last year being the dawn of my 10 years into adulthood benchmark, I had all these high school dreams I wanted to get done, and looking back, I only missed one -- going to New Orleans for Mardis Gras (granted last year was my last chance probably for a long time too). Interestingly enough, I achieved all of my resolutions for 2005, and a month before deadline, I might add.

Let's see, there was:
  1. Getting a new job
  2. Getting my own apartment
  3. Kissing Maverick
  4. Going to London
With so many achievements, I'm stumbling around for a new goal. I want to put "gym visits" on the list for this year, but I'm wondering how steady my resolve will be in three weeks. My excuse for the first day is "but I'm sick..." which is true. However, how many "but's" will I dig up to avoid losing the 15 pounds that keep finding me?

I've pondered some interesting scenarios this past year, grown up a lot. Lost a few friends, gained a few more; signed on the dotted line, all by myself, studied to be a millionaire, and got myself writing again. I think that was the best thing though. Getting my ink back. The page was so blank without me.

I think I want to start volunteering for something this year. Yet I'm not sure what. Any votes?


Blogger Jen said...

Volunteering, eh? hmmm.... you should try and put your skills to use while volunteering so that you will enjoy it. Like try and find something where you can play sports with kids or something (that's assuming you like both kids and playing sports!). Or you could hold a fundraiser for a charity that you like. You could hold a gaming contest - gather a few of your gaming friends together and have a marathon session and get people to sponsor you or something of that nature.

My new years resolutions are simple: get a job and travel abroad. It WILL happen!

1/06/2006 4:31 AM  

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