Monday, October 09, 2006

Just Around the Bend

Finally, I find some time to do something productive. With the TV shut down and music blaring from my new super cool speakers for my computer... I can write, update the website for the German Shepherd Rescue group, and organize six months of papers. Spring cleaning in Autumn, if you will.

And I'm aiming to go to bed early - but not before turning the pages of a great novel by Ray Bradbury. Death Is A Lonely Business. So far, the novel has been well written. Ray Bradbury is a former resident of the city I live in so it's pretty fascinating to read the resonations of what my neighborhood was like in 1949. The streets are the same, though more crowded and noisy these days. But I have reason to believe, the same folks he writes about reside in the weathered beach shacks that still raise their gray heads between the wealth-driven condos, shimmering in sunset after sunrise, after sunset.

The more things change; the more things stay the same.

Time is just the vessel that carries us from Point A to Point D. Point B just a dot above the 'i'.

The news hasn't been so happy, so I think I will skip that part - FoleyGate and the rise of the idiot dictator aren't happy topics and you can get more info at AirAmerica. In case you don't keep up with politics, which you should as we only have about four weeks left until we vote. And let there be JUSTICE.

Delight in the dance called decision. Have you ever wondered just how many stars die every night? Or how many insects are born under the majestic mountains in Yosemite National Park? I can still remember the glow of the dying sun shadowing the mountainside. I can feel the breeze wipe across an exhausted cheek as I truly felt peace, and accomplishment, and perhaps purpose. Isn't that what we fight for anyway, our Purpose?

In an audience of One, I stand for justice and equality for All. I choose that which benefits the most. And I sing my uniqueness and feel that much closer to God. I hope and Pray for better days. I Believe those Days are Upon us. If we just Hold On and Breathe.


Blogger grumblefish said...

a bit more iron, a little less mercury.
at least that's how you look to me

Rollin' up one's sleeves and getting into the fray,
now that's a good way to spend a day!

You go!

10/31/2006 7:26 PM  
Anonymous grumble said...

how's it going, sweetie? You're
not easing up on us, are you?

11/18/2006 8:24 AM  
Anonymous grumble said...

Happy New Year!

12/31/2006 9:26 PM  

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