Thursday, June 22, 2006


Thoughts toss on the breeze like a cool iced tea. Soft, but not too much. Sausage stirs from its slumber and the people celebrate life again. He looked into my eyes and what did he see? Cares washed in blues and whites. And love so enormous, it crushes the very pavement it moves on. Delight and stunning dancing on the moments that memories are made. S'mores and spicy sauces kiss lips entangled in young love, while grandma and grandpa rest tired arms and legs on sandy loungers while backyard vacations thrive. School, but a fleeting thought; kids run rampant as water erupts freeing the spirits within. Even I had to smile. The sun, still favored, winks in a sky of puffy dreams and laughter pours from the heavens. He danced with me and I was lost again. I couldn't remember it being this way. Somehow, the sky opened.