Saturday, February 23, 2008

Are We Web 2.0?

Ok, welcome back. I know. Something so pivotal, simple and apparently hadn't quite made it to viral status of Numa Numa Dance, but however it has been rather enthralling to watch. I endeavor to say, I was tickled pink, that the paradigm shift is in full swing; I have been a part of its evolution and for that I am proud.

I graduated from Pepperdine University in 1999 with a degree in English. Most folks with English degrees either go to law school, become teachers, or a few entered the rat race of the publishing world. The year I graduated a small little startup was born, you may have heard of it - Google? The industry I've become an advanced member of, Search Engine Marketing/Optimization, hadn't even been invented on my graduation day. Looking back, I know that I can relate to the concept. How reading on a screen is so different from a book. And those beloved pages I was rue to let go of, are indeed falling to the wayside. I hadn't predicted this.

I say this with sadness and frustration, but I'm starting to lose focus on reading something "linear." I have four books I'm in the middle of and I just can't finish one of them. Instead, I meander through each storyline, not unlike the Attention Deficit Disorderly ways that hypertext lets me bounce from reading about Obama-Rama and then in a split second, I'm browsing some blogger's reaction to the housing market, 2 seconds of skimming, I see that bright blue underline and click - I'm checking my Yahoo! stocks. Then, I'm just bored, and maybe I've installed stumbleupon on my browser toolbar so I can literally click and bounce from random selection to random selection and "grade" sites based on my preferences. But that's not including the tab with my SodaHead profile open where I'm in a hot discussion on whether George W. Bush is a not quite fully evolved human being, or voting on whether I think Zac Efron or the Jonas Bros. are hotter.

It's not all bad though. I'm not yet finished.

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