Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pepperdine Fire 2007

The Malibu Canyon fire that began early this morning continues to burn around campus. The Malibu fire is zero percent contained, according to fire officials. As of noon, more than a thousand acres have burned.

Buildings surrounding Pepperdine University have burned, but no campus structures are threatened at this time, confirmed Director of Public Relations Jerry Derloshon. At least ten fire response vehicles are on campus protecting structures and students from the Malibu fire, which is fueled by Santa Ana winds, he said.

All students on campus must remain in the Café and Firestone Fieldhouse and no students are being allowed off campus at this time, Derloshon said. The fire does not immediately threaten the University, but flames have burned structures directly outside of campus.

Students are watching news updates from video monitors in the Fieldhouse and Café.

That's a quote from today's Graphic, Pepperdine's campus newspaper. But this is so surreal. I was at Pepperdine in 1996 and these images, words, news, was all mine to behold from the INSIDE looking out. Now I'm on the reverse and it's like watching history on fast-forward.

Malibu Presbyterian church burned to the ground. I worked at that church when I was a sophomore. I remember the stained glass windows. Soul-searching the meaning of all this. Strange events all colliding from decade to decade and sorting out the facts from the perception is all too difficult.

That castle that burned sprung tears to my eyes. I always wanted to visit it and it was these words: next time. There is no next now. I pray that the newly restored Getty is safe. That no lives are lost, firefighter or civilian. Prayer is my only friend now.

I've called several agencies trying to find ways to help. So if anyone reads this and can find a way for me to do something. Do comment ASAP!