Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Home From The Holidays

The stark sky, laden with gifts, opened its fluffy arms and released light little drops of RAIN?!! Yes, it was already white, but on Christmas Eve, raindrops plopped down on the pavement. Now I really should be thanking my lucky stars that the weather turned "warm" for my visit to Chicago, but I'm a spoiled Southern California brat. :P And I just wanted a little snow.

Upon a happy landing via SouthWorst Airlines (TM), after being delayed both to Chicago and from, I arrive to a symphonic cacophony of impatient drivers at the Worst Airport Ever (TM) - LAX. I had a friend come pick me up and home I arrived, where my very first tree smelled deliciously of Pine Sol, minus the sol. The poinsettia was also still alive and vibrantly red, so no worries about killing the plants while out.

After opening my bags and pulling out my new pajamas -- mmm, cotton -- I opened my late Christmas cards. Those are the ones you sent to your friends and family and then they felt guilty for not sending you one -- yeah those ones. They were nice all the same and there is one card I need to send (late obviously, it's after Christmas), but since New Year's counts, it's ok. Or at least I have myself convinced it is.

So I went to bed, snuggling deep in my bedcovers, playing my GameBoy Advance, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. As addiction curls its desperate fist around me, I struggle a bit and turn it and the light off. Goodnight, Venice, goodnight. (Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

You can always tell when I'm procrastinating. I'm supposed to be finishing my project for class tomorrow, and yet, instead, I'm surfing the net and blogging. I suppose I can't be entirely blamed.

In response to why Los Angelians do not pub crawl:
  1. Pubs and bars are spread out further apart, in most cases five blocks or more. (Except in Hollywood where a beer will cost you $9-$10 a bottle.
  2. Blocks here are much longer than London (I assume other European cities are similar).
  3. People in Los Angeles do not walk. No, I'm not kidding. I've known people to drive three blocks away.
  4. Drive-thru windows. That's how Americans get their fast food; there is no walking -- only obesity in SUVs.
  5. The average vehicle here is a large SUV, not a Ford Explorer, but a Jeep Commander or a Suburban.
  6. Since people do not walk sober here, they also do not walk drunk (unless you're homeless).
  7. You can get arrested for walking around drunk. They call it public drunkeness.
  8. You can get a DUI and major consequences for driving drunk. Some people do it; I do not advocate doing it.
  9. I do love walking around drunk, but my friends do not. This can cause a ruckus.
  10. So there's the reasons. Oh, and yeah, bars here aren't as cool as over there.
I'm still procrastinating. I kinda miss the keyboards in the UK. The extra punctuation is different on the keyboards there. And, frankly, I'm feeling nostalgic. Hearing about that blast over there and now they've cancelled the special double-decker bus service, and I never got a chance to ride it. Kinda like how I wanted to go to New Orleans all this time and never did.

Well let's get to the point of the title. I love this season. And I don't care if it offends you religiously, but MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! I really enjoy the sparkling lights, red blue green yellow white... everywhere. Candy canes and silver lanes, I love them all. And even though the weather is hanging around 68 degrees Farenheit here, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas because I'm going to Chicago for the holiday.

That's where I'm from. And I miss my family. Sometimes I think about all the memories I'm missing, and all the ones they're missing out on as I live so far away. I know it's inevitable, the growing up, but a part of me wants to anticipate all the presents in front of the tree, its outfit neatly accessorized with glass and plastic and foil (that is what garland is made of?). The light from the angel on top glistening in my mocha eyes. I stood in awe just watching it all. And even now, I can feel my heart pitter-pattering in the sweet joy when I see someone opening a something special from me. I love that look of surprise as the person opens it, and they smile so wide, the kind where their teeth show.

Anyway, I suppose I should get back to work... the website beckons.

Friday, December 02, 2005

After London: The Debriefing

The Tube

One of the greatest manmade inventions. Transportation that is easy-to-use, fun, and in general a great idea. How come Los Angelians are idiotic -- too idiotic for a tube? I don't know but it sure would save on cabs after pub crawling.

Pub Crawling

Yet another great idea. And can I just say, "hooked on Cider"? Who would've known the blessed blonde highlights would catch my eye. That I would savor its breathy flavor. Mmmm. And yes I do miss it. Notice how happy Obi Wan is at the pub. See, everyone's happy there.

The Weather

It was not raining when we went. It barely drizzled. However, we were absolutely freezing. Brrr.. no wonder the state stays drunk. I would too, if it guaranteed me the "toasty" feeling.

The Tea

It was very yummy. I love tea.

American Food

ACK! Nasty. Believe me folks, American fast food may be bad FOR you but it tastes much much much better than the fare you guys are stuck eating there. Subway sandwiches actually taste good over here. And Burger King burgers are not dry and tasteless.

Ewan McGregor Singing Live

Isn't he hot? Yes he is. And he was clean-shaven, singing "Luck be a Lady Tonight." He even looked me straight in the eye as he bowed at the end of the evening. No, seriously, he really did. Ask my witness! I swooned. I almost fell off the balcony. Ewan McGregor is Positively the hottest thing this Christmas. Can I have him please? You can leave the gift wrap off!

Anyway, to say the least, I loved London. Sorry Jen and Jimmy that I couldn't get to Ireland, but alas, I WILL be going to Dublin one day. Like I said, I think I really enjoy countries that speak English. And I love Cider from England (our stuff is disgusting). And if yours is even better, of course, I'll be visiting! I loved my trip, even though it was short and took a week to just get some kind of words out. Nothing pretty, because I could never say just how awesome it was. And the folks there were really nice. Brilliant even!