Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Using Your Senses

Sight is our favorite sense that we take for granted. Sure we have memory of cooking smells and perfumes.. and though they are memorable, we don't remember everything we smell. But in a way we always remember what we've seen.. maybe things we don't want to remember too.

I thought about the blind today. And I don't know how I'd write if I was blind. Sure you can speak and the software will type it, but that doesn't feel as precious and private as writing. Someone could hear you, but your writing, unless you choose to publicly blog or publish (as I obviously do) is yours. I still write in a diary.. and those thoughts are mine with only God's knowledge.

A blue sky with puffy clouds means less on paper to someone who's never lain open-eyed and lazily twirled a dandelion between fingertips - pressed lips against the bloom -- and painted shapes in the sky. A rabbit, santa claus, dancing twirling butterflies, and a dragon blowing smoke.

I am more thankful after these thoughts. And it makes me feel warmer inside and helps me ignore the monkey the conservatives worship, the 3.25 dollar gasoline in my car, the stress that is inevitable at work, the attempts to bind my relationships closer...

for a few seconds, minutes, days, I am 8 and a lady on a quest in the wood - magic and creatures abound, and i see with both the imagination and the beautiful reality, because escape is what makes us human.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Feeling Guilty

I haven't posted in a long while. And the writer inside was crying a bit, but the reality of it is:
Don't you have to live life in order to write about it? Cuz writing about writing can be done, but can get old if you have 100 posts on just that.. however much Peter Elbow or Noam Chomsky would argue with you.

I could write tomes about the irritation I've experienced in just three weeks. Anything from Arby's encounters with the stupid kind to the cigarette smoking driver in front of me, flicking ashes that fall on my blue baby. But that would seem negative, and I haven't felt much negative lately. I do feel settled though.

I scarcely realized that being a furmomma would pull my heartstrings to stay home and watch. Whether they be good boy and girl or bad boy or girl, they're cute all the same and I want to be there for them. Unfortunately for us both, I have to hit the "hi ho hi ho it's off to work i go" just to keep the kitty kibbles on the kitty table (ie floor to the humankind -- i am not THE cat lady yet).

Perhaps, I'm just enjoying the California sunshine basting my face in it's springtime lull that isn't unlike midwestern summer. For we all know -- only two seasons touch southern Cali -- fire and flood.

But I really pondered this point earlier -- and it's true. I love all of those things and I've caught myself strolling along in life and not online -- and that may not be entirely bad. Other than my bi weekly or so jaunts over to to learn about all the things I want to be afraid of -- and yes having to start a blog for each kitten. Kenobi can't keep his paws off of what his sister wants and is a true Nemesis to her. Perhaps the young Jedi is leaning towards the dark side?

And Princess Tai pawing at the streaming water from my toothbrushing episode 2 -- and trying to catch it, not yet able to figure out that water is as living as you and I, and in a sense, freer and less capturable, kinda like trying to get her into a carrier on the way to the vet.

Or Kenobi letting wind pass and then smiling at my face -- with that "oops i done it" look. And stinky though it is, he's so cute so you pet him anyway.

Unfortunately, no one has yet to adopt his two brothers. If anyone in the California area reads this, please let me introduce you to these two kittens. They were soo sweet; if only, I was a rich cat lady. . . (a single gal can dream)

And then I look at my chewed up receipts -- and regret buying a fifty dollar shredder -- and the fighting and the running across furMomma in the middle of the human night... and yeah, two bundles of trouble are plenty.
This is a rare picture of the troublesome twosome in sleeping mode -- together no less...