Monday, April 16, 2007

Financial Blogging

So even though I haven't blogged in a long while -- I have been reading a lot of financial blogs. StopBuyingCrap is one of them. I've been basically living my life to pay down debt and analyzing my finances - seeing where I put my pennies on a daily basis.

And what I was seeing wasn't good when I started, but now over the course of a few months is looking so much better. I started out by mapping out my net worth. And even though I'm not yet ready to unleash my net worth to the public, as many financial bloggers do, I do know that credit cards and debt have played a huge part of my struggles through the years. And perhaps it's the extravagant housing prices for not-so-special homes/condos, or because my generation doesn't save, but even so, I didn't want to see a dismal future. I want to be able to use some of my money for investing. And I want to stop buying crap.

I was on my way to success, but I really am tired of driving a stick shift. Granted, I loved my car (see Indigo Ink Pearl Scion xA), love it still. But that shiny new pearly tC caught my eye. And isn't it ever so much the lesson we always learn. So instead of using my tax refund for a downpayment. I'll just pay down the current car's payment and perhaps reach for a shorter amount of time paying it off. Then I'll have a huge amount of monthly money to use for more productive endeavors.

Thank you to those who keep on reading. Even when I'm not posting. I'm going to make a commitment to post at least once weekly. So please look forward to that.

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